Are you just getting started with academic language or are you looking for new information and ideas on how to incorporate academic language into your teaching? Either way, this 60 minute online workshop will give you information and ideas you can use tomorrow.

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Free Course - The Academic Language of Invasion Games

The what, why, where, and how of integrating academic language into your outcomes-based teaching.

This course if the first online training in OPEN's new Teacher Learning School. Join Aaron Hart as he walks through the basics of Academic Language for Physical Educators. Here's what is covered in this 1-hour course.

  • What is Academic Language?
    • What is the definition of academic language?
    • Why is academic language important?
    • How do I decide which vocabulary words make up the academic language of a content area?
  • Embedding academic language into teaching
    • Creating a print-rich environment.
    • Using academic language in instruction.
    • Encouraging students to use academic language.
    • Assessing student acquisition and mastery of academic language.
  • Finding OPEN’s academic language resources
    • OPEN’s Academic Language Suggestions
    • OPEN’s Academic Language Cards
    • OPEN’s Academic Language Quizzes